Plug-ins management

Plug-ins allows to add non generic features to ProjeQtOr.

Plug-in deployment

  • Plug-in will be deployed during installation.
  • The result of deployment will be available in the log file (See: Administration console).

Section: Installed plug-ins

This section lists the installed plug-ins.

Detail of installed plug-ins list
Field Description
Name Plug-in name.
Description Plug-in description.
Version Plug-in version.
Deployed date Deployed date.
Deployed on The version when the module has been installed.
Compatible since Compatibility version.

Section: Available plug-ins (local)

This section allows to manage local plug-ins.

Available plug-ins list

  • The button allows to select plug-in file.
  • The file will be uploaded and it will be added in plugin-ins list.
Detail of available plug-ins list
Field Description
File Plug-in file name.
Date File date.
Size File size.

Plug-in installation

  • Click on Button add to install plug-in.
  • Click on Button icon display to display the description of plug-in.
Dialog box - Description plug-in


  • Plug-in is removed from the list after installation.

Section: Available plug-ins (remote)

This section allows to manage remote plug-ins.


  • This feature will be available later.