Allows to display planned task to a resource on a calendar view.

This view can be monthly, weekly or daily.

Just click on any task to access directly.


On mouse over the task

  • You can see a short information about the task.

Day colors

  • Yellow day : Current day

  • Grey days : Days off

Calendar selector

Diary calendar selector

1 - Period

  • Display the month, week, or day.

2 - 1st day

  • Allows to select the displayed calendar.

  • The first day of mouth or the week is displayed.

3 - Resource

  • Allows to select the resource calendar.

4 - Show done items & Show closed items

  • Allows to display or not the done and closed items.

5 - Top buttons

  • Allows to change current month, week, or day.

6 - Left side buttons

  • Click on Arrow right to go to week display mode.

  • Click on Arrow left to return to the last display mode.

7 - Day number button

  • Click on the day number button to go day display mode.