Today (Dashboard)

This screen allows user to have a global view of its projects and tasks.


User parameter “First page”

  • This parameter defines the screen that will be displayed first on each connection.

  • By default, this screen is selected.


Section - Messages


  • Messages are displayed depends on some criteria.

  • Every message is component by title One and message Two.

  • Messages are defined in Messages screen.

Automatic refresh

  • Allows to refresh data according defined delay.

  • Also the screen will be scrolling from top to bottom according defined delay.

  • Click on Button icon refresh to enable/disable automatic refresh.


  • Click on Button icon print to print Today screen.


  • Click on Button icon parameter to access screen parameters.

Period for task selection

  • Allows to define the period for tasks will be displayed.

    Field: Due date

    • Select only items with due date less than today plus this selected period.

    Field: Or not set

    • Select also items with due date not set.

Refresh parameters

  • Allows to define parameters for automatic refresh.

    Field: Refresh delay

    • Selects the delay between two screen refresh.

    Field: Scroll delay

    • Selects the delay between two scrolling.

Items to be displayed

  • Allows to define sections displayed on the screen.

  • Allows to reorder sections displayed with drag & drop feature.

  • Using the selector area button icon drag Button icon drag.

Dialog box - Today parameters


  • If you have added any reports to the Today page, they will appear in the list.

  • You can then hide or delete any added reports.

Start guide

  • Start page for new installations to assist the administrator in the first configuration steps.

  • A progress display One allows to determine the percent of complete installation.

  • You can hide this section on startup, just unchecked. Two

    • This section will not be displayed anymore.

    • To show it again, select it as the start page in Users parameters screen.

Section - Start guide


A quick overview of projects status.

The projects list is limited to the project visibility scope of the connected user.

Section - Projects

1 - Scope of the numbers counted

  • Checkboxes allow to filter displayed projects:

    • To do: Projects to do.

    • Not closed : Projects to do and done.

    • All : Projects to do, done and closed.

Projects name

  • Click on the name of a project will directly move to it.

Manuel indicators

  • Manuel indicator can be set on project.

  • Trend and health status indicators are displayed.

2 - Icon: Trend

  • This icon allows to display the trend of the project.

3 - Icon: Health status

  • This icon allows to display the health status of the project.


  • Calculated progress and overall progress are displayed.

4 - Calculated progress

  • Actual progress of the work of project.


On mouse over the bar

  • On each project shows part of “to do” (red) compared to “done and closed” (green).

5 - Overall progress

  • Additional progress manually selected for the project.

6 - Other measure of progress

  • Left: Left work for the project.

  • Margin: Work margin.

  • End date: Planified end date of the project.

  • Late: Number of late days in project.

7 - Numbers of elements concerned to project

  • Numbers of elements concerned to a project are displayed.


On mouse over the bar

  • On each element shows part of “to do” (red) compared to “done and closed” (green).


Here are listed, as a “To do list” all the items for which the connected user is either “assigned to”, “responsible of” or “issuer or requestor of”.

Click on an item will directly move to it.


Parameter: Max items to display

  • Number of items listed here are limited to a value defined in Global parameters.




Unique Id for the item.


The project concerned by the item.


Type of item.


Name of the item.

Due date

Planned end date or due date.


Actual status of the item.


Flag on indicate the user is the issuer for the item.


Flag on indicate the user is the responsible for the item.

Column: Id

  • Id column displayed unique Id and specific icon for the item.


You can select any report to be displayed on the Today screen.

Add selected report

  • To do this, just go to the selected report, select parameters and display result (to check it is what you wish on today screen).

  • Click on Button icon Today to insert this report with parameter on the Today screen.

  • Any unchanged parameter will be set as default value.

  • These reports will be displayed on Today screen like other pre-defined parts.

Report selection

Report selection

Manage extending section

  • Click on Button icon parameter to access screen parameters.

  • You can reorder like any other parts.

  • Click on Button icon delete to completely remove them from the list.

Dialog box - Today parameters with extending parts

Dialog box - Today parameters with extending parts