A list of reports is available in different categories.

  1. Select a category One, corresponding reports list Two will appear.

  2. Select a report in the list, this will display specific parameters Three for the report.

  3. Update the parameters to get the information you need.

  4. Click on a button to produce the report. Four

  5. Click on the arrow to return to the category list. Five

Reports screen
Reports screen


  • Click on Button icon display to display the report.

  • Click on icon print button to get a printable version of the report.

  • Click on icon PDF button to export the report as PDF format.

  • Click on Button icon Today to display this report on the Today screen.

  • Click on Button icon report favorite to define this report as favorite. This report will be available in your favorite reports list.

Favorite reports

Move your cursor over the reports menu icon (in the top bar) to show the popup menu that contains your favorite reports.

Pop-up list - Favorite reports

Popup menu management

  • Allows to reorder reports displayed with drag & drop feature. Using the selector area button icon drag Button icon drag.

  • Click on Button icon delete to remove the report from the list.

Direct display

Select a report to display (in print mode), without leaving the current screen.

Dialog box - Print preview