A document is a reference element that gives a description of a project or product.

Document item describes general information about the document.

The file document will be stored in the tool as versions.

Document files storage

  • Document will always refer to a directory where the file is physically stored.

  • Directories are defined in Document directories screen.

Document versioning

  • Document versioning allows to keep different version at each evolution of the document.

  • Document can evolve and a new file is generated at each evolution.

  • Type of versioning must be defined for a document.

Approval process

  • You can define approvers to a document.

  • When all approvers have approved the document version, it is considered as approved and then appears with a check in the list of versions.

  • When creating an approver in the list, the approver is also automatically added to the latest version of the document.

  • When adding a version to the document, the approvers are automatically added to the version.

Type of versioning

A document can evolve following four ways defined as versioning type :


  • Version is a standard Vx.y format.

  • It is the most commonly used versioning type.

  • Major updates increase x and reset y to zero.

  • Minor updates increase y.


  • Version is a date.

  • This versioning type is commonly used for periodical documents.

  • For instance : weekly boards.


  • Version is a sequential number.

  • This versioning type is commonly used for recurring documents.

  • For instance : Meeting reviews.


  • Version is manually set.

  • This versioning type is commonly used for external documents, when version is not managed by the tool, or when the format cannot fit any other versioning type.

Section: Description




Unique Id for the document.


Short description of the document.


Type of document.


The project concerned by the document.


The product concerned by the document.


Place where the document is stored to organize document structure.

Document reference

Document reference name.

External reference

External reference of the document.


User or Resource or Contact who created the document.


Box checked indicates the document is archived.


Box checked indicates the document is cancelled.

* Required field

Fields: Project and Product

  • Must be concerned either with a project, a product or both.

  • If the project is specified, the list of values for field “Product” contains only products linked the selected project.

Field: Document reference

  • Document reference name is calculated from format defined in the Global parameters screen.

Field: Author

  • Positioned by default as the connected user.

  • Can be changed (for instance if the author is not the current user).

Section: Versions

This section allows to manage version list of document.

Version list fields



Versioning type

Type of versioning for the document.

Last version

Caption of the last version of the document.


Status of the last version of the document.

* Required field

Version list management

  • Click on Button add to add a new version.

  • Click on Button edit to modifiy a version.

  • Click on Button icon delete to delete a version.

  • Click on Icon download to download file at this version.

Document viewer

  • Document viewer available for image, text and PDF files.

  • Click on icon.


Name of download file

  • The name of download file will be the document reference name displayed in description section.

  • If you want to preserve the uploaded file name, set the parameter in the Global parameters screen.

Dialog box - Document version
Fields - Document version dialog box




This button allows to upload locale file.

Last version

Caption of the last existing version.


Importance of the update concerned by the new version.

New version

New caption for the created version.


Date of the version.


Current status of the version.

Is a reference

Check box to set this version is the new reference of the document.


Description of the version.

Field: Update

  • A version can have a draft status, that may be removed afterwards.

Field: Is a reference

  • Should be checked when version is validated.

  • Only one version can be the reference for a document.

  • Reference version is displayed in bold format in the versions list.

Field: Description

  • May be used to describe updates brought by the version.

  • This icon Note appears when the description field is filled.

  • Moving the mouse over the icon will display description text.

Section: Approvers

This section allows to manage approver list of a document.

Approver list fields




Id of the approver.


Name of the approver.


Status of the approval of the last version of document.

Button: Approve now

  • This button appears in approver list.

  • Just click on the button to approve the latest version of the document.

Button: Send a reminder email to the approvers

  • This button allows to send a reminder email to all the approvers who have not yet approved the document.

Approver list management

  • Click on Button add to add a new approver.

  • Click on Button icon delete to delete the approver.

Section: Lock

This section allows to manage document locking.

Button: lock/unlock this document

  • Button to lock or unlock the document to preserve it from being editing, or new version added.

  • When document is locked it cannot be modified.

  • Only the user who locked the document, or a user with privilege to unlock any document, can unlock it.

Document locked

  • When a document is locked the following fields are displayed.

Fields when the document is locked




Box checked indicates the document is locked.

Locked by

User who locked the document.

Locked since

Date and time when document was locked.


Possibility to take into account the designation of the product in the nomenclature of documents with the new codes :

  • {PROD} product designation

  • {PROJ / PROD} the project code if specified, otherwise the product designation

  • {PROD / PROJ} designation of the product if specified, otherwise the project code