Tickets dashboard

Allows user to have a tickets global view of his projects.

Shows several small reports, listing the number of tickets by item.

Filters are available to limit scope.

Direct access to the list of tickets

  • In reports, click on an item to get list of tickets corresponding to this item.


  • Click on Button icon parameter to access parameters.
  • Allows to define reports displayed on the screen.
  • Allows to reorder reports displayed with drag & drop feature. Using the selector area button Button icon drag.


  • Arrange reports on left and right on screen.
Dialog box - Ticket dashboard parameters

Filter clauses


Report: Synthesis by status

  • For this report, filter clauses are not applicable.

Scope filters

  • All issues
    • All tickets.
  • Not closed issues
    • Tickets not closed. (Status <> ‘closed’)
  • Not resolved issues
    • Tickets not resolved. (Status <> ‘done’)

Recently updated

  • Added recently
    • Tickets created within x last days.
  • Resolved recently
    • Tickets treated within x last days.
  • Updated recently
    • Tickets updated within x last days.

Linked to the user

  • Assigned to me
    • Tickets that you are responsible for their treatment.
  • Reported by me
    • Tickets that you are the issuer.

No resolution scheduled

  • Unscheduled
    • Tickets whose resolution is not scheduled in a next product version (target product version not set).