The user is a person that will be able to connect to the application.


  • To be able to connect, the user must have a password and a user profile defined.

ProjeQtOr and LDAP users

  • ProjeQtOr offers two modes of authentication.

ProjeQtOr users

  • Users’ information is kept in the application database.
  • Password policy and login behavior are managed by the application.


  • The users “admin” and “guest” are created during installation.

LDAP users

  • Allows users defined in an external directory to login at ProjeQtOr by the LDAP protocol.
  • Users’ information and password policy are managed in the external directory.

Default user profile

  • A default user profile is set during creation of the user.
  • A different default profile can be set according to mode of authentication.

Web Service

  • ProjeQtOr provides an API to interact with its elements. It is provided as REST Web Service.
  • An API key is defined for the user.
  • This API key is used to encrypt the data for methods: PUT, PUSH and DELETE.

Section: Description

Users description section fields
Field Description
Id Unique Id for the user.
Photo Photo of the user.
User name login id of the user.
Real name Name of the user.
Initials Initials of the user.
Email address Email address of the user.
Profile Profile of the user.
Locked Flag used to lock the user, to prohibit connections.
Is a contact Is this user also a contact?
Is a resource Is this user also a resource?
Closed Flag to indicate that user is archived.
Description Complete description of the user.

* Required field

Field: User name

  • The user name must be unique.

Field: Is a contact

  • Check this if you want created a contact to this user.
  • This user will then appear in the “Contact” list

Field: Is a resource

  • Check this if you want created a resource to this user.
  • The user will then also appear in the “Resources” list.

Section: Miscellanous

Button: Reset password

  • This button allows to reset password to default password.
  • Default password value is defined in Global parameters screen.
  • Reset password button is available only for ProjeQtOr users.
Users miscellaneous section fields
Field Description
Don’t receive team mails Box checked indicating that the resource doesn’t want to receive mails sent to the team.
Comes from LDAP Box checked indicating that the user information come from LDAP.
API key Key string used by web service consumer.

Button: Send information to the user

  • This button allows to send by email to the user the login information.