Real work allocation

This screen is devoted to input of real work.

Resource enters work day by day, on each assigned task.

Data entry for one resource, on a weekly base.


  • The corresponding cost to the real work is automatically updated to the assignment, activity and project.


Global parameter: Number of hours per day

  • In global parameters screen, you can define wether work will be entered in hours or in days.

  • If you enter work in hours, you must define the parameter number of hours per day before some real work has been entered.

  • After first work is entered, this parameter will be locked.

Timesheet zone screen

Timesheet zone screen

1- Selection timesheet

  • Allows to select a timesheet for a resource and for a period.

  • More detail about selection timesheet, see : Selection timesheet.

2 - Show planned work

  • Check this box to display the planned work.

  • Planned work is indicated over each input cell, on top left corner, in light blue color.

  • Allows to display the planned working time by day, for the resource assigned to the task.

Planned work displayed zone

Planned work displayed zone


  • The planned work will be deleted if the real work is entered instead of planned work (to avoid duplication of work in reports) to see it you have to refresh the screen.

3 - Filters

  • Filters allow to define the list of assigned tasks displayed.

Show only current week meeting

  • Check this box to show only the tasks on meetings of the week.

Hide not handled items

  • Check this box to hide tasks not taken over.

Hide done items

  • Check this box to hide completed tasks.

Show closed items

  • Check this box to show closed tasks.

Show ID

  • Show ID to identify all single task.


Global parameter “Display only handled tasks”

  • If the value of the parameter is set to “Yes”, only tasks taken over (status “handled”) will be displayed.

  • The checkbox “Hide not handled items” will be hidden.

4 - Buttons

Buttons of the timesheet:

  • Click on Button icon save to save timesheet data.

  • Click on icon print button to print timesheet.

  • Click on icon PDF button to export timesheet in PDF format.

  • Click on Button icon CSV to export timesheet in CSV format.

  • Click on button icon undo to undo modification on the timesheet.

5 - Data entry validation

Buttons allow to send and validate real work.

Button: Submit work (Displayed if mandatory )

  • Users can send works to project leader.

Button: Validate work

  • Project leaders can validate works.

Button: Enter real as planned

  • To enter automatically the work as it is planned

6 - Scroll bar

  • Scroll bar allows the scrolling on imputation lines.

  • The header of table stays visible.

  • The footer of the table (with the sum of inputs) remains visible, fixed, as soon as the number of lines is greater than 20.

7 - Input fields

  • Input fields in timesheet.

  • More detail about, see : Input fields

8 - Tasks list

Task list zone

Task list zone

The list displays the assigned tasks for the resource.

  • Only assigned tasks that meet the next criteria will be displayed.

    • Assigned tasks planned during this period.

    • Assigned tasks that meet the criteria of selected filters.


    • Assigned tasks with real work are always displayed, even if closed.

    • The goal is to show all lines of the sum for each column, to be able to check that the week is completely entered.

A - Tasks

  • Assigned tasks are grouped by project and displayed according the project structure.

  • Click on the name of the activity to access it.

  • Click on minus button or plus button on the line will expand-shrink the group.

  • Click on the icon of the activity to display it detail without leaving the current screen.

B - Assigned task function

  • The assigned task function is displayed in blue after the name of the activity.

C - Assigned task comments

  • The icon Icon not planned allows to add a comment.

  • The icon Note indicates there is a comment on assigned task.

  • Just move the mouse over the icon to see the last comment.


Click on icon Note

  • to open windows view comments



Total of days


On the last column is the sum for all days of the week. It is a synthesis displayed for each project and globally for the whole week.

Selection timesheet

Timesheet selector zone

Timesheet selector zone

1 - Selection of the resource

  • Users can only select themselves as a resource.

  • Access to other resources timesheet depending on access rights, then user can select other resources timesheets.
    Clicking on the checkbox below allows to select only resources allocated to the selected project on the list roll displayed.

Selection period

  • By default, the period is determined depending on the current day.

  • It is possible to change the period of two ways:

    • Select year and week. Two

    • Or select the first day of the week. Three

Displayed timesheet

  • A timesheet is displayed depends on the resource and period selection.

  • The name of the resource and the week are displayed. Four

  • The days of the week are displayed. Five

  • The current day is displayed. Six

Input fields

Input timesheet zone

Input timesheet zone

1 - Comments

  • A global comment can be added on the weekly follow-up.


  • Possibility to extend the main comment area.

  • Can enter a comment on each line of real work allocation screen.

2 - Real work entry

  • Area allows to entry real work.

  • Week is displayed from monday to sunday.

  • It possible put real work in off days.

Unit time of real work data entry

  • The global parameter “Unit for real work allocation” allows to set the unit time.

  • Unit time available are in “Days” or “Hours”.

  • Selected unit time is displayed on left at bottom window. Four

Current day

  • Columns of current day is displayed in yellow.

Days off

  • Columns of days off is displayed in grey.

  • Days off is determine in resource calendar definition, see: Calendar screen.

3 - Left work

  • Left work is automatically decreased on input of real work.

  • Resources can adjust this value to estimate the work needed to complete the task.

Input entry validation

This section explains controls done on data entries.

These controls are not blocking.

Enhancement of data entered (yellow background)

Resource capacity validation

  • The total of the day is green whether entries respects the resource capacity of days.

  • The total of the day is red whether entries is more than the resource capacity of days.

Resource capacity of days

  • The resource capacity is defined by the number of hours per day and the resource capacity.

  • The number of hours per day is defined in Global parameters screen.

  • The capacity of the resource is defined Resources screen.

Columns validation zone

Columns validation zone

Entering real work is in excess of the number of days specified

  • This alert box appears when the real work to a resource is entering ahead of time.

  • The number of days in advance, resource can enter his real work is defined in “max days to book work” parameter in Global parameters screen.

Real work over expected days alert

Real work over expected days alert

Automatically changing the status of tasks

The task status can be changed automatically according to data entries on real work and left work.

Global parameter “Set to first ‘handled’ status”

  • If the parameter value is set to “Yes”, when real work is entered on a task, its status will be changed automatically to the first status “handled”.

Global parameter “Set to first ‘done’ status”

  • If the parameter value is set to “Yes”, when left work is set to zero on a task, its status will be changed automatically to the first status “done”.

Change status validation

  • An icon will be displayed on the task if a status change is applicable.


  • Status start Due to real work is entered, the task status will be changed to the first ‘handled’ status.

  • Status start KO The real work is entered, but the task status will not change because at issue is occurring.

  • Status finish Due to no more left work, the task status will be changed to the first ‘done’ status.

  • Status finish KO No more left work, but the task status will not change because at issue is occurring.


  • Move the cursor over the icon to see the message.

Common issue

  • If a responsible or a result are set as mandatory in element type definition for the task. It’s impossible to set those values by real work allocation screen.

  • The change status must be done in treatment section on the task definition screen.