ProjeQtOr is a Quality based Project Organizer, as a web application.

ProjeQtOr focuses on IT Projects, but is also compatible with all kinds of Projects.

Its purpose is to propose a unique tool to gather all the information about the projects.

The fact is that many Project Management softwares just focus on planning. But it is a much too restrictive point of view. Of course, planning is an important activity of Project Management and is one of the keys to Project success, but it is not the only one.

Project Managers need to foresee all what can happen, measure risks, build an action plan and mitigation plan.

It is also important to track and keep traces of all what is happening to the Project : incidents, bugs , change requests, support requests, ...

In this objective, ProjeQtOr gives visibility at all levels of Project Management.

At lower level, the Project follow-up consists in gathering all information, and maintain it up to date. This involves all the operational teams.

At upper level, Project Steering uses the follow-up data to take the decisions and build the action plan. This allows to bring the adjustments needed to target on the objectives of the project.

The goal of ProjeQtOr is to be Project Management Method independent. Whatever your choice of the method, you can use ProjeQtOr.

What’s New in this user guide version?

This section summarizes significant changes made in the user guide document for this version.

To see complete list of changes made to software, visit the ProjeQtOr web site.

Current version is V6.1.0

Review logs.

Controls & Automation.

  • Production of indicators on the quality of deliverables
  • JobList to detail an Activity or Ticket


  • Grouping of Products, Components, Product Versions and Component Versions in a dedicated “Configuration Management” menu.


ProjeQtOr is a “Quality based Project Organizer”.

It is particularly well suited to IT projects, but can manage any type of project.

It offers all the features needed to different Project Management actors under a unique collaborative interface.


This chapter defines the concepts of ProjeQtOr.

They can be referred in the following chapters.

Graphical user interface

ProjeQtOr provides a very rich user interface.

It may be frightening at first glance because of the very numerous elements it provides, but once you’ll get familiar to the structure of the interface you’ll discover that it is quite simple as all screens have the same frames and sections always have simular structure and position.

Planning and Follow-up

ProjeQtOr provides all the elements needed to build a planning from workload, constraints between tasks and resources availability.

The main activity of Project Leader is to measure progress, analyse situation and take decisions. In order to ease his work, ProjeQtOr provides several reporting tools, from the well know Gantt chart, to many reports.

Real work allocation

As ProjeQtOr implements Effort Driven planning (work drives planning calcuation), one of the key to manage project progress is to enter the real work and re-estimate left work for all ongoing tasks.

ProjeQtOr provides a dedicate screen for this feature, to ease this input so that entering real work is as quick as possible.

Document management

ProjeQtOr integrates an easy to use Document Management feature.

Ticket management

Configuration Management